Picture a day – Week of 01-08-12

Here are the pictures from the previous week (Saturday, 01-07-2012 through Friday, 01-13-2012) for my Picture a day.  This week has been more difficult to make sure I am taking at least one picture every day and spending time on photography.  A few days this past week it was almost midnight before I took my first picture

I will be scheduling next week to ensure I can get into the habit of practicing for a specific length of time.  At night I do read photography books to learn more, but the best way to get better is by doing.  My main goal with this is to become a better photographer through practice and feedback.  Let me know how I am doing.  If you like these images, please share them (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest…)

If you missed the previous week’s Picture a day, check them out (you can also find them on Flickr and Google+)