What are you complaining about?

Hand holding the EarthEverywhere you go, people are complaining.  They complain that their team lost.  They complain about the weather.  They complain about the traffic.  They complain about nearly everything.  The problem is they never do anything about what they can change.

What can you change?  First, you can change your outlook and your feelings that you are a victim.  After that, it depends on the situation.  Are you upset that your team lost? Give money to the organization for better staff and equipment.  If you don’t like the heavy traffic when you head to work, leave fifteen minutes early and see if that helps.  Are you always complaining about all the starving people in the world? Go help them.  Complaining does not help anyone; the more you do it, the worse off you are and the worse off the rest of society is as well.

So the next time you are at work or with friends, think about the conversation.  Do you or your friends complain all the time? Are they complaining about something out of their control?  Why spend all that time and energy focusing on things that you can’t control when you can be focusing on changing the world.  What could you accomplish if you and your circle of influence banded together and worked on a cause, large or small.  How much better off would the world be?

Stop complaining and go do something about it…

(photo credit: Danilo Rizzuti)