1st on Google – Week 2

Welcome back to my journey to being 1st on Google.  If you missed the first few posts, you can find the first one here and the 1st Week Update here.  Here are the results as of Sunday, 02-05-12 (click here to do your own search):

  • #11 – My personal blog, BlueCapra.com (Up 35 places from last week at #46) – With my picture I may add
  • #37 – My LinkedIn profile page (Up 65 places from last week at #102)
  • #56 – Comment I made on AndyTraub.com 2 months ago (Up 51 places from last week at #107)
  • #65 – My profile at GoodReads.com (Up 45 places from last week at #110)
  • #84 – My About Me page at this site, BlueCapra.com (Up 27 places from last week at #111) – again, with my picture

1st on Google - Search for Alan ReevesThis week was great for my journey to 1st on Google.  Considering the first five search results where I appear, I jumped up 35 places to #11 and overall, I increased a total of 223 places.  That’s great considering last week I only increased a total of 6 places (45 points up for the first occurrence, 39 points down for the next four occurrences)

The search was performed on my work laptop after I had cleared the cache, browser history, etc.  On top of that, I used Google Chrome (which I don’t normally use).  The search setting I used was similar to the first weeks (cleared cache, 10 search results, non-instant results, strict filtering, etc).  In order to verify that the results did not change, I performed the same search on my desktop computer using Firefox about 30 minutes after the first search.  The results were the same.  I feel confident that the computer and browser does not affect the search results.  From this point one, I will do the search on whatever computer and browser is convenient (excluding my personal laptop).

Strategies for 1st

I continue to apply my strategy of commenting on other blogs.  It appears to have an effect but not an immediate effect.  The comment showing up as my 3rd occurrence left 2 months ago.  I was unable to find the exact date from either the blog or Livefyre.com, but it would have been around the beginning of December 2011.

This week I have fallen behind on my blog reading.  I subscribe to 31 blogs.  Most are not updated frequently and I typically read about 20 or so posts a week.  I use Google Reader as my RSS reader.  Right now, I have 24 unread blog posts.  I prefer to read and comment when appropriate when they come out.  Otherwise, I can get way behind.  I enjoy reading about what others are thinking and how they are interacting with their readers.  Regardless, I commented on 13 blog posts this week.

I have been reading 31 Days to Build A Better Blog by Darren Rowse (ProBlogger.net).  The book is great and I can’t recommend it enough.  Many of the suggestions, like commenting on other blogs and linking to other blogs, I already do but the resources and explanations in the book are fantastic.

I don’t have a new strategy that I am going to implement for next week yet, but I am looking around.  Any ideas?

Blogs I have commented on during the past week

CoachRadio.tv – Your Story with Ana White

48Days.com – Winners Never Quit – Baloney! 

CoachRadio.tv – Unreasonable Living

AndyTraub.com – Can you be happy when you lose a deal?

HolyKaw.alltop.com – Vintage books transformed into iPhone chargers 

AndyTraub.com – You’ll never do real work

RyanLee.com – Where Do YOU Work?

ChrisBrogan.com – The Great Twitter Unfollow Experiment of 2011

AndyTraub.com – How do you know it’s Twitter spam?

CoachRadio.tv – How to Get More Clients

Good Design – Laser etching on various materials (VIDEOS)

YourConroeNews.com – MCSO deputy leaves 30 years of police work to start a business

EEEPC.net – Samsung offers personal engraving service for Galaxy Note buyers

Summary – The search for Alan Reeves

I’ve been able to make a good amount of progress so far, going from #93 on 1-25-12 to #11 on 2-5-12.  That’s an 82 place improvement in only 11 days.  In all fairness, Alan Reeves is probably not the most sought after keyword on the internet.  Nevertheless, the concepts can be used as building blocks for your own SEO journey.

Check out next week’s update – Week 3