Is change comfortable?

Why do we change?  How much discomfort does it take until we take action?  There are areas in all our lives that we don’t like but are just comfortable enough for us not to change.  It may be a job you don’t like but where you earn a good living.  It may be a relationship with your family that is strained but not too bad, leaving you with a feeling of emptiness but is not painful enough for you to put in the work to improve.  It may be that feeling of mediocrity that you just can’t shake.  What is it for you?

Why do we tolerate less than the best?  You can lead a happy, fulfilled life.  There are other jobs and ways to make money if you don’t really like the one you have.  Your family can be normal and happy, maybe not all the time, but more than they are now.  You can be great at something.  It all takes work.  More importantly, it requires a decision.

Can you make the right decision?  Can you see the possibilities for your career or business?  Can you focus on your relationships?  Can you devote the time to be remarkable?

I don’t want to live my life just getting by.  I won’t live with areas in my life that I am not happy with and not try to improve them.  I can’t exist unless I am doing everything possible to lead the life I am called to live.

Just how comfortable are you?